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Dear customers and partners!

On account of the war in Ukraine, Medcoswiss Ukraine decided to widen the scope of its activity. From now, we also provide humanitarian medical aid to support the functioning of the health facilities throughout the country.


Because of the fact that our headquarters and warehouses are located in Lviv, Western Ukraine, we can provide safe and efficient transportation and delivery of humanitarian medical aid.

If your medical facility needs medicines, medical supplies and laboratory reagents, or you have the opportunity to provide humanitarian assistance,

You can contact us in one of the following ways:

To ensure all logistics processes, so that delivery to Ukraine takes place as quickly as possible, the funds are necessary to pay for the warehouses, loading and transportation.


If you are ready to help, you can transfer funds to a bank account:




IBAN: UA 78 328209 0000026005000017336  Medcoswiss LLC (Ukraine)

The raised funds be used to fullfill all needs related to humanitarian medical care.

We have already successfully delivered humanitarian aid to various medical institutions

Below is a small photo report


Glory to Ukraine!

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