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Analyzer of blood gases and electrolytes
Smart 300

i-Smart 300 cartridge-type analyzer, 50 seconds to get the result without leaving the patient. Used as a POCT analyzer in the Department of Surgery, Intensive Care and Intensive Care.
Measured parameters
 Electrolytes  - Na, K, Cl, Ca2 +
 Blood gases  -  pH, pCO2, pO2
 General chemistry  -  Hematocrit (Ht)
Calculated indicators: pH (T), pCO2 (T), pO2 (T), ctCO2, cHCO3, cHCO3 (ctd), BE (ecf), BE (b), Anion gap (K), ctHb, Ca ++ (7 , 4), pO2 (Aa)
Uses cartridges with automated and integrated calibration
Obtaining the result of the analysis in 50 seconds after the introduction of the sample
Uses 80 μl of sample for study
The cartridge has a shelf life of 4 weeks from the time of opening


Smart 300

Up to 50 offline tests thanks to the built-in battery
Does not require temperature storage of consumables
Uses a barcode scanner and built-in printer
Large touch screen that makes it easy to control the device and output results
Built-in quality control system
Works with whole blood (arterial, venous, capillary)
Ideal for working with a large flow of analysis
The device has no other consumables (solutions, electrodes, needles, tubes, membranes)
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