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count everything. Compare options.

Weigh everything.

We understand that

and ready to answer your questions.  


The Medcoswiss company (Ukraine) offers to use  financial services that will be relevant in the event that the option of one-time purchase of laboratory equipment is not optimal for your organization.

Every organization that is going to create or modernize its own medical laboratory is a unique situation.  We want to offer you that services  take into account as much as possible all the factors that are important for your business. 

Therefore, we ask you to consider the following issues before starting a substantive conversation with us:

1.  Are you only interested in renting or do you need the equipment to become your property?

2. What are the parameters of the service we have  to take into account when determining the amount of the monthly payment? (only the right to use the equipment; the right to use with the subsequent transfer of ownership of the device; extended warranty; regular service; supply of reagents, etc.).

3.  Are you considering using fully functional but previously used equipment?

4. If you need to transfer ownership of the equipment, what part of the cost is convenient for you to pay as a first payment?

Target customer:

1. Private medical laboratories.

2.  Budget medical institutions that have the ability to pay for leasing / rental services.

3.  Departmental medical clinics of state companies.

4.  Medical institutions with a proven stable profitable business.

5.  Clinics that have a license to carry out medical activities and prepared premises for equipment that  is purchased.

If you need advice on financial services - please fill out the feedback form and our specialist will contact you at a convenient time.

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