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for microbiological research


We offer you the products of one of the largest manufacturers in Europe of nutrient media for microbiological research - Graso Biotech


Today the range  includes more than 400 types of nutrient media bottled in Petri dishes, bottles or test tubes. There is also the possibility of producing others  nutritious  environments  according to the formulas provided by the customer. 

Production control and quality control are carried out by specialists  Graso Biotech according to the latest protocols ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.  Controlled environment (clean area)  with an area of 2500 sq.m.  equipped  equipment and tools of the highest quality. The production process takes place in accordance with modern technologies. Fully automated lines guarantee full traceability from raw materials to the finished product.

>  Nutrient media

>  Nutrient media in multi-cups

>  Nutrient media for pharmacology

   according to the Harmonized Method (EP, USP, JP)

>  Culture broths for blood and  

>  Transport and storage media

>  Buffer solutions

>  Blood and serum

>  Reagents

cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

More than 500 items of consumables for your microbiological laboratory -

in our catalog

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The microbiological department at Medkoswiss is managed by a very professional person. Wake him up at night and  ask about the meaning of life of microorganisms, what is better to feed them, what types of drawings on nutrient media will be fashionable next year. Even just waking up  he will be able to answer all your questions

from professional  topics.

If you  want to clarify something on  products  or you want to talk to our product manager   -  Please fill out the feedback form and we will be happy to contact you soon!

We are ready to provide a declaration of conformity for products  Graso Biotech 

PDF file  ~ 6  Mb

Product order

Microorganisms are very different, but like humans, they all want to eat fresh food.

We make sure that you use only freshly prepared nutrient media,  because we receive new batches of products from production every month and deliver orders to our clients' laboratories as quickly as possible.

In order to order products,  please download the order form, fill in the information about the customer and indicate the quantity of products you need. After that, do not forget to save the file and send it to us at . Having received the order, we will be sure to contact you and thank you for your cooperation with Medkoswiss.


Your orders received by us from the 1st to the 5th of the month will be fulfilled by the end of the current month.

Your orders received by us after the 5th of the month will be completed to the end  next month.

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