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Automatic sample preparation station - Auto-Pure96 nucleic acid extraction system

The device is designed to increase the capacity of the PCR laboratory by automating the sample preparation stage. Extraction takes place on  technologies for separation into magnetic particles. Auto-Pure96 has an open system and in combination with various nucleic acid extraction kits  can simultaneously process from 1 to 96 samples and perform DNA and RNA extraction in 30-60 minutes.


Reduces the influence of human factors on the result and  significantly increases the capacity of the PCR laboratory;

"Open system":  you can use sets of reagents from different manufacturers;

Built-in LED backlight allows you to monitor the status of the device in real time;

The front cover can be opened to quickly stop the device, which is a convenient option for optimizing reagent consumption;

The device can be monitored using a mobile application, checking its status in real time. Remote monitoring reduces staff costs;

Automatic identification of positions from 8 dice, without the need for manual adjustment;

The maximum sample size is 1 ml;

Modern reliable design:

Screw drive  provides high accuracy of vertical movements;

Patented design with a central turntable, which reduces the working area;

Patented design for automatic replacement of the comb with magnet tips, which guarantees stability and reliability

Effective pollution prevention:

Design of protective plates  and software mode for drying magnetic particles prevent splashing of liquid during operation;

Disposable consumables help to avoid cross-contamination between wells and sample preparation cycles. Auto-Pure96 has  decontamination function, which regularly performs UV cleaning;

High-quality and fast extraction:

Auto-Pure 96 can process from 1 to 96 samples simultaneously;

Extraction of DNA and RNA - in 30 - 60 minutes;


"Open", the parameters can be freely adjusted, it is possible to edit the program;

Suitable for working with everyone  types of reagents with magnetic balls;

Different binding modes on magnets make it possible to optimize the operation of reagent kits

Simple and clear interface

makes the process of controlling the device comfortable already  at the initial stages of its operation;

The use of the Auto-Pure96 automatic extraction system is essential  increases bandwidth

PCR laboratories

Technical characteristics of the Auto-Pure96 sample preparation station

The principle of extraction of NC

using magnetic balls

Working volume

50 - 1000 μl

Allocation efficiency

> 95%


CV <5%

The level of use of balls

> 95%

Lysis temperature

~ 120  ° C

Elution temperature

~ 120  ° C


The methodology can be edited


7 ”touch screen, 3 quick access buttons and mouse


UV lamp


96-well die, 96-well elution die, 

comb on magnets, set of reagents


USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Working with the protocol

Features: New / Edit / Delete / Save

Built-in programs

8 factory protocols,

up to 100 protocols can be stored

Data storage

On the built-in SD card

Work area lighting




Maximum energy consumption

300 W.


56 cm x 62 cm x 50 cm


54 kg

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