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Amplifier  Real-time CFX96 Touch

Thermocycler  C1000 Touch ™ and  CFX96 Touch optical reaction module  is a powerful, accurate and flexible real-time PCR detection system. This six-channel (five colors and one FRET channel) PCR device   combines advanced optical technology with precise temperature control, which provides sensitive and  reliable detection of monoplex and multiplex reactions.

Factory calibration of optics allows you to start research immediately;

The patented technology of the optical system "shuttle" allows you to read information from each individual hole with high accuracy and without cross-interference, providing optimal quantitative results;

High speed of work thanks to the big power of a temperature regulator and accuracy of its work providing change of temperature of the thermoblock with speed to 5 ° C / sec .;

There is no need to recalibrate and change the lamps due to the use as a light source of LEDs with consistently stable  radiation spectrum, long service life and low operating temperature;

Determination of optimal reaction parameters due to the temperature gradient function;


Ability to create high-performance systems:

4 devices  can be controlled simultaneously from one computer;

Modular design of the device, the ability to increase the performance of the device to 384 samples  by replacing the reaction module;

The touch screen provides convenience of management, programming and viewing of results of amplification in real time;

Open system: the ability to use ready-made reagent kits from different manufacturers.

Tasks to be solved:

Real-time PCR; 

PCR with endpoint analysis;

PCR without analysis of results;

Analysis of melting curves, including HRM;

FRET analysis;

Selection of the optimal temperature for PCR.

Technical characteristics of the amplifier  CFX96 Touch

Number and format of test tubes

96 tubes with a volume of 0.2 ml, strips with 0.2 ml tubes

or a 96-well tablet

The volume of the reaction mixture

1-50 μl

The rate of change of temperature

maximum 5˚C / sec

Accuracy of temperature maintenance

+/- 0.2˚С

Gradient heating

so  (1-24 ºC)

Possibility of simultaneous detection of several targets in one sample           yes, 5 targets

Number of channels


Maximum energy consumption

400 W.


50-60 Hz


high resolution, color, touch

Software options

step-by-step graphic, text, automatic, the ability to send the result by e-mail


5 USB A, 1 USB B


password, login and "secure" mode


more than 1,000 standard programs on board, the number is not limited when used  USB flash drive


errors in the course of reactions, system errors

PC compatibility

Windows XP or higher

Temperature control

estimated, on the block


with  heating  up to 105 ° C  and the ability to open automatically

Source of excitement

6 LEDs (450-684 nm)


6 photodiodes (515-730 nm)

Excitation / detection range 

450-730 nm

Dynamic range

10 orders


330 x 460 x 360 mm

Net weight)

21.4 kg


Company "Medkoswiss" (Ukraine) -  offers you to buy an amplifier  CFX96 Touch.

There are options for both direct sales and the use of additional financial services (leasing and reagent contract).  


Please contact us with any professional questions!

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