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Electrolyte analyzer
Smart 30 Pro

The new generation device uses a system of cartridges as the only consumable - to ensure maximum quality analysis. Is the optimal solution in understanding the number of available tests.
Measured parameters
 Electrolytes  - Na, K, Cl
Using a cartridge system eliminates the need for maintenance
The device has no other consumables (solutions, electrodes, needles, tubes, membranes)
Uses 60 μl of sample for study
The cartridge has a shelf life of 4 weeks from the time of opening


Smart 30 Pro

Up to 50 offline tests thanks to the built-in battery
Does not require temperature storage of consumables
Uses a barcode scanner and built-in printer
Large touch screen that makes it easy to control the device and output results
Built-in quality control system
Works with whole blood (arterial, venous, capillary)
It is possible to connect to LIS and HIS
Works in POCT mode  - near the patient  - about 2 hours of autonomy
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