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5-channel semi-automatic

coagulometer Bio-Ksel SS-4000

Performing the study by the method of "micro" - 50 μl of the test material and 50 μl of reagent

Automatic sending of the finished research result to the computer network

Bio-Ksel SS-4000  performs all coagulological determinations using the following  methods: chronometric, chromogenic and immunochemical (D-Dimer)

Research menu:

Prothrombin time + fibrinogen

Activated partial thromboplastin time

Thrombin time

Fibrinogen (Claus method)

Coagulation factors (II, V, VII, VIII, X, XI, XII)

Antithrombin III

P protein- C




Additional Information:

Integrated thermal printer 110 mm

Ability to print results from the list, saved results, calibration curves, reaction flow, limits of norm and time when control took place

Interface languages: Ukrainian, English

Automatic numbering of patients

4 stoppers for incubation

Integrated timer

Stand-by and functions  "Help"

Programs for quality control and technical control

RS232 port for connection to a computer network

USB port for barcode scanner

Perform duplicate studies or up to 4 single studies simultaneously

Ability to store up to 4000 test results, 60 calibration curves and reference values even after a power outage

A separate hole for chromogenic research

Automatic turbidity compensation (possibility of studying lipemic, jaundiced and hemolyzed plasma)

Automatic data cleaning


Dimensions: 43  x 37  x 12  see (W x D x H)

Weight: 5 kg.

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