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Automatic biochemical analyzer Miura 300 

Universal automatic biochemical analyzer of open type with a productivity of 300 analyzes per hour and the ability to connect an ion-selective unit.

A high degree of reliability is a guarantee of comfortable operation of any laboratory


Principles of measurement: photometry, turbidimetry, dichromatics

Ion-selective unit - integrated (optional) (Na +, K +, Cl-, Li +)

Automatic dilution of samples

Type of measurement: kinetics, end point, fixed time, differentiation

Determining the sequence of tests: automatic optimization or execution in the order specified by the user

Quality control: three-level control, quality, control charts, Levi-Jennings according to the rules of West Guard

Calibration type: 1-point, multi-point, linear and non-linear

Large selection of report forms, archive for 15,000 patients

Optical system:

8 installed light filters with a wavelength from 340 nm to 700 nm (expandable up to 800 nm) plus one free position

Photometric linearity: from 0 to 3 units. OP

Light source: halogen lamps with a service life of 2000 hours

Measuring range: 0 ÷ 3Abs

Resolution: 0.0001 Abs

Optical range: 340-700 nm


Cuvette type - Bionex® material, optical plastic

Number:  80 шт.

Possible reaction volume:  200-500 Jul

Typical reaction volume: 220-260 µl

Optical path length: 6 mm

Possibility of piece replacement of cuvettes

Washing and drying of the ditch is automatic


Productivity - 300 mono-reagent tests per hour   (500 tests per hour with ISB)

Open system

Small volume of the reaction mixture

49 positions for reagents and 79 positions for samples (samples, urgent items, standards, control material).

Cooling of reagents and samples on board the analyzer to 14 ° C below ambient temperature (+ 12 ° C ± 12 ° C)

Ability to add urgent samples in the process

Automatic flushing of the ditch on board the analyzer

Built-in barcode scanner for samples and reagents (optional)

Possibility of work with primary test tubes with a diameter of 12-13 mm x 75/100 mm or cups for samples (3 ml)

Number of stations for dosing bottling: 2 

Possibility of two-way communication with LIS

Dosing bottling station:

Number of stations for dosing bottling: 2

Number of stations for diluents: 2

Maximum diluent volume: 500µl

Sample volume:  1-300 Jul

Reagent volume: 1-450 µl (step = 1 µl)

Level sensor: capacitive volume sensor

Needle washing: external and internal

Exceeding the reaction mixture

Pre-dilution of the sample: presence in the cuvette

Flushing station:

Number of washing steps - not less than 8

Number of needles (washable / aspirated) - not less than 5

Consumption of system solution - no more than 2.3 l / h



Intuitive graphical interface, language - English, Russian

Operating system: Windows © 7

Dimensions: 114x75x60 cm

Weight: 79 kg

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