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Sets of the RealBest series  - really the best solution for PCR laboratory!

Lyophilized ready-mixed reaction mixtures (GDS): the laboratory assistant no longer needs to collect the reaction mixture from several components, which allows  reduce time and  to ensure high stability of research quality;

Compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers: CFX96, iCycler iQ 5, RotorGene Q,  RotorGene 6000,  RotorGene 3,000, DT Prime,  DT Lite;

Multiplex analysis: the possibility of simultaneous detection of several pathogens in one test tube;

Convenience of storage and transportation: storage of all components of a set at one temperature

2-8 ° C  within 12 months;  up to 10 days transportation at room temperature is allowed;

Prevention of intralaboratory contamination: uracil-DNA glycosylase enzyme in GDS;

The general amplification protocol allows
to carry out PCR on various infections in
  one device download that  reduces amplifier wear  and increases laboratory productivity;

Methodical support from practitioners: training, consultations, assistance in the analysis of complex diagnostic situations;

A wide range of reagent kits for detecting infectious agents as well  diagnosis of genetically determined diseases  and syndromes

Urogenital tract infections
Dysbiosis of the urogenital tract
TORCH and herpesvirus infections
Papillomavirus infection
Other consumables
Isolation of nucleic acids
Validation of biomaterial collection
Respiratory infections
Natural focal infections
Gastrointestinal infections
Viral hepatitis
HIV infection

If you need help in selecting reagent kits or choosing PCR laboratory equipment, if you want to get a commercial offer for a product for molecular genetic research or you have other questions for our product manager - please fill out the feedback form communication and we will contact you soon!

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