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Vertical laminar  cabinet KLV 1200  

Class II microbiological safety (protects

product, staff and environment)

Dimensions of the working area: 

width - 1250 mm, depth - 670 mm, height - 690 mm

Overall dimensions: 

width - 1400 mm, depth - 944 mm, height - 2250 mm

Particle removal efficiency

0.3 μm and larger:   99,995%

HEPA H14 main and exhaust filter

Air flow - vertical laminar

0.30 m / s ± 20% (for speeds in the range 0.25 to 0.5 m / s ± 20%, for single reading), continuous measurement with a thermoanemometer

Air velocity in the entrance window:   0.48 m / s

Automatic flow rate control as the filter contamination increases

Active standby function for stand-by operation

Touch panel control of all functions of a laminar case

Disinfection with a bactericidal lamp with programmable timer, optical and acoustic signaling of sterilization

Laminar box time counter and  the operating time of the bactericidal lamp

Measurement of temperature in the working chamber and  optical alarm temperature rise  inside the chamber above 8 ° C relative to ambient temperature

Workspace lighting with fluorescent lamps of 1000 lux or more

Split four-element AISI 304 acid-resistant steel worktop, elevated, equipped with armrests and tray under the hob

Windshield with electrified lifting mechanism and  signaling the window opening above the working height

Possibility of easy cleaning of a windshield from within due to raising of a forward cover together with glass (a front cover on gas springs)

The smooth rear wall of the working chamber is painted with anti-glare paints, the side walls are glass

The body of the laminar cabinet is painted with easy-to-clean polyurethane paints

The sound pressure level under normal conditions does not exceed 60 dB (A),

The working zone has two electric sockets (230 V, IP44), and also can be completed with additional equipment (gas valve, vacuum or other) (maximum three) in a lateral wall of the chamber.


Additional Information:

Power consumption 800 W.

Power supply requirements:  230 V, 50 Hz

Stand weight: 17.5 kg.

Cabinet weight: 270 kg.

Overall dimensions: 

width - 1400 mm, depth - 944 mm, height - 2250 mm

We recently erected two such laminar cabinets on the fourth floor of a client's laboratory.

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